Monday, March 2, 2009

Job Application

Welcome to my job application blog. Here you will learn about job application and how to do job application in a more effective way.

The purpose of this job application blog is dedicated to people who want to find a new job due to retrenchment, resignation, sacking by employers or to find a fresh new challenge.

To perform a good job application requires steps to ensure that we can get the job in a shortest time possible and match closest to our career path and future target.

Good job application need 2 essential steps that many people know. There are your resume and the job interview. But how to make your job resume and job interview stand out?

Before we embark into the job resume and job interview, I would like to talk about job hunting as the starting point of any job application.

Most common method for job application is through newspaper. Another way is looking for online ads. But another way of job application is through networking. We can ask our ex-colleagues, friends, former superior or boss, etc. This network is powerful and can enhance the success of job application.

There will be more tips coming along the way for job resume and the job interview. I will add in a couple of resumes templates and samples.

Resume Templates and Samples